Selling Your Home

The sale of a Grove home is the responsibility of the owner. Homes in the Grove are sold to eligible University faculty and staff members, subject to eligibility confirmation by the University Employee Benefits Department. Contact Melinda Soderberg, (612) 625-4050 and select Option #2.

Whether you choose to sell your home on your own - For Sale By Owner (FSBO) - or list with a real estate broker, there are specific steps the homeowner needs to do in order to fulfill University of Minnesota and the Grove Homeowners Association requirements.

All Grove homes in the process of being sold or planning to be put on the market must be posted on this website and the seller (or realtor) must pay the $250 listing fee.

  • Contact the current University Grove president and inform them of your intent to sell your home.
  • Contact the University Real Estate Office (, to advise that your home is for sale.
  • Contact the University Grove Information Officer ( to get your house listed on the University Grove Homeowners Association website.
    • Prepare listing information.
      If you are selling FSBO, prepare real estate listing information about your property and take an exterior color photo. Submit this information electronically or by mail to post your home on this web site. There is a listing form you can download, print and mail.

      If a real estate broker is representing you, they can provide the listing information and photo. They can submit this information electronically to the University Grove Communications Officer or by mail to:

      University Grove Communications Officer:

    • Write a check for $250 to the University Grove Homeowners Association and mail to current treasurer. If you need help, send an email to This fee is for the time required to post your listing, maintain it, and send email notices to the Grove mailing lists.
    • Prepare a flyer to be sent to the University's DDD (deans, department heads and directors) mailing list about the sale of your home (approximately 450 copies Twin Cities campus only). Mail or deliver your flyer to the Real Estate Office who will handle this for you one time at no cost to you.
    • Sellers should familiarize themselves with the defined criteria for requesting an exemption to sell the home to a non-eligible buyer. A copy of the Hardship Criteria document can be viewed on the University Real Estate Office website.

When you sell your home:

  1. Contact the University Grove Ciommunications Officer to remove your listing from the University Grove Homeowners Association website
  2. Send a copy of the completed purchase agreement to the Real Estate Office for preparation of lease documents for the closing:

    University Real Estate Office
    424 Donhowe Building
    319-15th Avenue S.E.
    Minneapolis, MN 55455