Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a home in the Grove is open to all University employees eligible for the faculty retirement plan or a federal retirement plan. A current civil service or union-represented employee of the University whose employment is at least 75% time per year, or an academic or contract appointment is eligible as long as the position is not considered “temporary” or non-renewable. Retired employees are eligible if they have continued coverage under the retiree provisions of the University health and dental benefits program, as is a surviving spouse of an eligible individual.

The University retains title to the land and leases the land to the homeowner. The relationship between the University and the homeowner are defined in the lease. Current leases run 40 years, renewable once with annual land lease fees of $100. Zoning and maintenance requirements are explicit with regard to setbacks, drainage, landscaping, tree preservation, lawn slopes, driveways, vehicular storage, lot maintenance as prescribed in each lease. The City of Falcon Heights provides municipal services such as police, fire protection, street maintenance, sewer and lighting. Maintenance of the Grove central common areas are the joint responsibility of adjacent homeowners. The homeowner pays property taxes as residents of Ramsey County and Independent School District 623.

For information about the University Grove lease, contact the University Real Estate Office at (612) 625-5345, or e-mail them at reo@umn.edu.