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Winter 2012 Grove E-news
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Coyote Sighting
Residents reported seeing two (or more) coyotes in the Grove as of February 13. According to National Geographic, coyotes are now found over most of North America and their populations are likely at an all-time high. These adaptable animals will eat almost anything, including pets. They average 32-37" in head and body, and 16" in tail, and weigh 20-50 lbs.
Photo credit: National Geographic

Neighborhood Events
Saturday, Feb. 25
St. Anthony Park Progressive Dinner
5:30 p.m.
St. Anthony Park Methodist Church

Contact Jane Leonard

Wednesday, Feb. 29
Women’s Safety Clinic hosted by St. Anthony Police Department
7:00 p.m. Falcon Heights City Hall - 2077 W. Larpenteur Avenue
This clinic is free and open to women of all ages but is not geared towards children due to the sensitive topics discussed: types of rapists, attitudes, general safety and fighting back. Empower yourself through education and learning safety techniques. Please RSVP, or call City Hall: 651-792-7600.

2012 Grove Home Tour this summer
The 2012 Grove Home Tour will be revived after last year's state shutdown snafu. Grove resident Terri Cermak,1580 Fulham, is taking the helm again. Anyone interested in opening their home for the ticketed tour or offering to help, please contact Terri. This event is sponsored by the MN Historical Society in cooperation with the homeowners association.

Faculty seeking Home to rent
An Institute on the Environment faculty is seeking to buy or rent near the UMN campus. Also, another UMN employee and spouse want to rent for up to six months near campus. Contact

100% dues collection
Thanks to EVERYONE for supporting the Grove homeowners association for 2012. A special shout out to Michelle Hallaway, and husband, Phil Pardey for their overwhelming success in collecting dues. Phil was co-treasurer in 2011 and Michelle was treasurer/secretary from 2010-2011.

Directory update underway
The neighborhood directory update is underway. The block captains will be calling and verifying directory information for each household on their block this month.

New home construction
Marcia and Berkan Endres, 2303 Folwell, are looking forward to moving into their new home this summer. It is being built on the site of the original house destroyed by fire last February.

Holiday lights still hanging around?
Recycle old holiday lights for free at Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site.

Mid-century architecture trolley tours
The MN Historical Society is operating four mid-century modernism tours on Saturdays: May 5, 12, 19, and June 2. Their blue trolley will have about 20 people walking in the Grove late morning to admire our neighborhood's architecture. Contact Aleah Vinick with questions or concerns, and/or interest in participating in the full tour at the member rate.

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Kudos to:
Brennan Kelly, (pictured bottom left) son of Joe and Michelle Kelly, 1576 Vincent, was named a National Merit Commended student in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program. Emily Wagner, (bottom right) daughter of Jean and Rick Wagner, 1595 Northrop, is a 2012 National Merit Scholar at Minnehaha Academy.

Ben Zimmerman, 2225 Folwell, represented the Grove as a volunteer on the advisory panel for the new Falcon Heights City Manager.

New Neighbors
Welcome Melina Roumeliotis, 2105 Folwell, born on Dec. 23, to parents Joanna and Stergios, and brother Ioannis.

1572 Fulham
Welcome Jeff Connell and family (below L-R): Casey, attends Minnesota Math and Science Academy; Corwin, attends Gethsemane Lutheran School; and Calvin, attends St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. Jeff practices law and works for the MN Pollution Control Agency doing environmental enforcement.

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In Memory
Elizabeth "Lisl" Close (right), co-founder of Close Architects, died Nov. 29, 2011, at the age of 99. She formerly lived at 1588 Fulham in the house she designed with her husband, Winston (d. 1997). The celebrated architectural duo designed 14 homes in the Grove. A memorial celebration will be held on her 100th birthday, June 4. She is survived by their three children. Bob Close, lives in the family home with his wife, Cindy Peltier.

Sheila Richter (below left), 2132 Folwell, 79, passed away from with cancer, on Oct. 11, 2011. A celebration of her life will be held in St. Anthony Park this spring. Sheila was a life-long activist for many causes from banning international torture to neighbors for peace. Sheila is survived by her husband Marcel "Ket." For further reading about her life, see "Someone to reckon with" published in 2004 Grove News.

Fred Cooper (above right), 74, 2190 Folwell, died on Sept. 23, 2011, from cancer. He joined the UMN in 1971 and was an art history professor who specialized in Greek and Roman art. An accomplished scholar and educator, he inspired generations of students to pursue careers in his beloved field. Fred headed the UMN's program of archaeological research in the Peloponnesos, Greece. He excavated the Bronze Age Palace of Nestor and reconstructed the Heroon at Messene. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Helen B. Foster.

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Meet the new 2012 Grove officers
President Steve Taff, 2217 Folwell, is in the department of Applied Economics. He and his wife, Susan Hoyt, (right) raised three kids (Ann, Nancy and Tom) in the Grove.

Vice-president Sarah Caflisch (below), 2211 Folwell, is married to Matt, and they have two children, Anna and Nora.

Treasurer Don Lee (below right), 2173 Folwell, is a family medicine physician at the Fairview Highland Park Clinic. He is married to Cari, and they have three children: Connor, Piper and Cormac.

Secretary Josephine "Jo" Eberle (below left), 2255 Folwell, is married to Tim Beatty, and they have three children: Max, Finn, and Hazel.

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Growing Up in the Grove at 1572 Fulham
by Martha J. Raup (pictured right at the 2011 Night to Unite Grove event)

We had such a wonderful time growing up in the Grove! There were many kids here in the early 1950s, although I was the only girl on the block until the Hidy's rented the Hoebel house in 1957.

It was the summer between my 5th and 6th grade. We played in the commons, in a "no man's land," that clearly belonged to all of us (Block 6). It was great! None of the houses had any hedges, or flower gardens, so we had the run of the entire block.

The upper area had once been leveled for a tennis court (1940s?), but we used it for baseball and basketball. It had a swing set, and also a sand box that's still there, which my dad built from left-over redwood lumber. We flooded the area in the winter and played ice hockey.

In the lower gently-sloping area, we played football, hide-and-seek, croquet, or whatever games we made up for ourselves - and there were plenty! In the photo taken in 1956, my father saw us playing outside, and took our picture. What a motley crew we were! I've got his navy hat on, and with two rifles, am clearly over-prepared for action.

Also in this photo are: Kent Pfleider, Paul Homer, Bob Close, Johnny Koelsch, Donald Frantz, and Ivan Frantz (as my mother, Marian, identified us - hope that's right!). I must have been 10 years old. The photo shows the back of the Raup house (left) and the Pfleider house (right). Kent’s father, Eugene, by the way, was captured by Raul Castro in 1958 "Castro Takes Hostages" – it just goes to show, as “protected” as we were, we were not isolated!

We kids spent HOURS playing together. I can't imagine any better place to have grown up. We had the Breck woods nearby (now the Luther Seminary), the old trolley tracks that led to nowhere, and St. Anthony Park was just a bike-ride away. We would get up before dawn, and played until after dark. We were surrounded by nature, felt safe, and were free. With a childhood full of love and adventure, we are now rich with memories and experiences that will
last a lifetime.

In fact, as Bob Close, Don Frantz, and I have discovered the friendships we started then, continue to reward us. I am also still in contact with Ann Hidy, and two other Grove "graduates" – Jan Parham Ophoven, and Lorraine Blake Phillips. It's a wonderful place, and it embodies some significant concepts. Like my parents, I believe in the values the Grove represents, and I’m glad to see others enjoying the open space and shared community that was so important in my childhood.

Editor's note: Marian died in 2009 and Phil passed last August. For the record, Kay Blair, 1582 Vincent, reminisced to a neighbor that with the Raups gone, she is the Grove's longest living resident in her original home.

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