The University Grove Homeowners Association published three newsletters a year during the years between 1999 and 2007. Beginning in 2011, the newsletters went online.

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Winter 2012 Grove E-news / PDF version
August/September 2011 Grove E-news / PDF version
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Past Issues
February 2007 "An urban planning pioneer and Maggie Thatcher's contemporary" (Barbara Lukermann)
June 2006 "The end of an era" (Bill & Rosemary Hartup)
February 2006
October 2005 "Canadian expatriats at home in the Grove" (The Deen family)
June 2005 "Madame Picasso" (Dorothea Smith)
February 2005 "Making way for the next generation" (Susan Phipps Yonas & Al Yonas)
October 2004 "Someone to reckon with"( Sheila Richter)
June 2004 "My Grove" (Marilyn Fenske Heltzer)
February 2004 "Passionate about music" (Kathryn Ulvilden Moen)
October 2003 "A house of a different color" (Helen Foster & Fred Cooper)
June 2003 "What are you wearing today?" (Joanne Eicher)
February 2003 "The king of spinach" (Phil Raup)
October 2002 "A call for help and hope" (Pauline Boss)