Homeowner's Info

Here’s (almost) everything you need to know about living in the Grove

  • Your home is one of a kind.
    • Owning a home in the University Grove neighborhood, or more casually known as “the Grove,” means maintaining the architectural and historically significant nature of this residential neighborhood. Additionally, you are tenant on land owned by the University of Minnesota (University), and you have obligations to our “landlord.”

  • Lease Covenants
    • When planning exterior improvements to your house, please read the lease covenants regarding home additions, privacy fences, major landscaping, exterior buildings, and tree removal.

    • These activities, as well as others outlined in the lease, all require approval from the University’s Real Estate Office (REO).

    • The intent of the lease covenants is to maintain the natural land contours, oak tree clusters, and vistas the original landscape architects of the Grove emphasized in the site plan.

    • In addition, the approval process also aids in maintaining good neighborly relations.

    • When you start planning, please obtain approval from the REO prior to commencing any work.

  • The Commons
    • Your home is located on a block with access to the Commons and you have some caretaker responsibilities tied to it.

    • These open spaces were an intentional design by the original Grove urban landscape architects to mimic the European concept of super blocks.

    • Grove kids have always used the Commons as impromptu play areas.

    • As an adjacent homeowner, you are responsible for mowing, if any, the area extending from your lot.

    • All trees located in the Commons are the jurisdiction of the University’s landcare department.

  • The University Grove Homeowner's Association
    • The Grove has an active homeowners association (UGHA) that collects annual dues of $25 per household, or $40 for two years. The dues funds neighborhood activities like the Grove Park Spring Clean Up & Potluck, the Summer Block Party, and website maintenance. The homeowners meet once a year in October to conduct official business on matters of common interest in a convivial setting. At this meeting, residents elect an executive board for one-year positions:

    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • Annual Meeting
    • Typically second Tuesday in October

    • 7:30 pm – 9 pm

    • Falcon Heights City Hall

    • 2077 Larpenteur Av.

    • Snacks and Refreshments

  • University Grove Website
  • Neighborhood Directory
    • New residents receive a print copy of the neighborhood directory as a welcome gift.

    • We’ll contact you to get your directory information, and introduce you as new neighbors in the next Grove e-news.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! Please consider contributing as a volunteer in the neighborhood or on a city commission.

  • Don't Forget!
    • Your annual lease payment is due on the date you closed on the house.

    • It is your responsibility to remember this date.

    • If the REO needs to send a reminder, you’ll likely be assessed a late fee.

  • Trash Pick Up

    • The UGHA negotiates a contract with Republic Services to obtain the best group rates and reduce wear and tear on our roads from multiple haulers. If you haven’t already signed up, please contact customer service:

    • (651) 455-8634

    • Be sure to tell them you live in the Grove. Free yard waste carts are delivered upon request.

    • Recycling is a city-wide service provided by Tennis Sanitation:

    • (651) 459-1887

  • Pay your Annual Lease Fee online or by check:

    The University would prefer homeowners pay their annual lease fee online to avoid potential delays with posting your payment. Contact the Real Estate Office to obtain the bank information needed to make an electronic payment through your bank. The University's Accounts Receivable department would still be happy to accept payment via check. Mail a check made out to Regents of the University of Minnesota to the PO Box address below:
    Regents of the University of Minnesota

    NW 5960
    PO Box 1450
    Minneapolis, MN 55485-5960